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Anatomy without dissection is not anatomy. Because the word anatomy itself means to cut open. So if you wanna learn all the structures of human body, you must do dissection. Therefore following an anatomy dissector is a must to learn human anatomy.

There are many anatomy dissectors but grant’s dissector pdf that we are going to review today is one of the best dissector with sixteen editions. Grant’s dissector is one of the oldest dissector/atlas. It was first published in 1940 and till now 16 editions are published.

The author of this dissector is Patrick W. Tank. There is also a separate atlas called Grant’s atlas that we have reviewed previously. You can download it here, but here in this page you can read our review of this dissector and can download grant’s dissector pdf at the end.

grant's dissector pdf

Grant’s Dissector pdf Features:

Here are some of the key features of the latest edition of this dissector:

  • This dissector is very beneficial for studying book like snell anatomy and gray’s etc and also can be used especially along with surgery books.
  • The dissection guides in the latest edition are rewritten according to new techniques etc.
  • In the Latest Edition the order of chapters has been modified in addition to new diagrams and new content.
  • In each chapter in start surface anatomy and osteology is given which is more benefitial for students for a good foundation of what that are gonna learn.
  • At the start of each section an overview is given that helps understands students about the objectives and contents of dissection given in the chapter.
  • More then 40 new illustrations are added in the latest edition of grant dissector.

Download Grant’s Dissector pdf:

You can download the 14th edition of Grant dissector in pdf format using the download button below:

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