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Clinically oriented anatomy by keith L. Moore is one of the best resource of human anatomy. This books if for undergraduates medical students like MBBS students and also for post graduate anatomy and surgery students. This is one of the most detailed anatomy book.

Clinically oriented anatomy is the alternative clinical anatomy book of snell clinical anatomy that we have reviewed recently. The difference between these two is that snell anatomy is a brief book while moore anatomy is a much more detailed book. It is more widely used and is the standard anatomy book.

KLM anatomy is one of the most revised anatomy book. It has 7 edition and is written by three writers namely Keith L Moore, Arther F. Dalley, Anne M.R. Agur.

Clinically oriented anatomy moore is one of the longest anatomy book. It has 1170 pages. It is organized regionally not systemically. This book has also a separate book for embryology that would be reviewed soon.

clinically oriented anatomy pdf

To know more about this book, you should read the features below:

Clinically Oriented Anatomy pdf Features:

Here are some of the features of seventh edition of moore anatomy.

  • KLM anatomy has 7 editions and one of the standard clinical anatomy books.
  • The illustrations in this anatomy book makes it really special. You don’t need to use anatomy atlas along with it. The diagrams given in this colored anatomy book are of great quality and well labelled.
  • This anatomy book is famous of its clinical points. The blue clinical boxes given in moore anatomy are of great help. Clinical knowledge has been discussed in great detail in the seventh edition of clinically oriented anatomy.
  • Many illustrations are revised in keith L moore anatomy and are derived from grant’s atlas which shows that quality and no need of atlas along with this book.
  • Bottom line summaries are added in the 7th edition that makes it easy for students to revise and learn all the topics of anatomy.
  • Surface anatomy which is one of the most important part of anatomy is discussed along with each and every topic.

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