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Med School Confidential covers a bush of territory. Starting with ‘So You Wanna Be a Doctor’ through to the completion of residency, this book tries to give a portrait of life as a physician from begin to end. It is a quick with understandable language that serves as a superb primer for the medical student contemplating a fabulous career in medicine. It does not provide as a good work for those looking for admissions advice. For the learner this guide could be a little intimidating because it sleeves so much ground. The journey from college to residency is covered in an almost 270 pages big compilation. The reader must realize that the road to a medical career takes a dozen of years and is accomplished in a step-wise series.


Meet the Author Robert H. Mill:

Robert H. Mill operator moved on from Yale University in 1993 and from the University of Pennsylvania Law School, where he was senior proofreader of the Law Review, in 1998. He is right away a trial legal counselor at Sheehan, Phinney, Bass and Green in Manchester, New Hampshire, where he has practical experience in licensed innovation and business case. He is the writer of the widely praised graduate school preliminary books Law School Confidential, Business School Confidential, and the hot new school preliminary book Campus Confidential.

Dan Bissell, M.D., graduated cum laude from Middlebury College in 1993 and from the University of Colorado School of Medicine as an Adler Scholar in 2002. He as of late finished his residency in crisis drug at the Maine Medical Center. Amid residency, he got the Gold Foundation Award as Resident Teacher of the Year and was named boss inhabitant of the crisis drug program. He is currently practically speaking in Portland, Oregon.

Med School Confidential pdf


I have received this guide yesterday afternoon. Read the very first 3 chapters of this text and I’ve got to say there is a world’s worth of info in this guide. The book is neatly written. The general style keeps you reading on and on. I’ve only put this guide down merely to write this review for it. It goes in detail about premed requirements. Attitudes and particularly the spread varies of demographics of people who choose to go to med school. Includes info about exactly what medical schools seek for in candidates and the best ways to study for the MCAT. Not only that but this book even covers the occupational career paths in medication and the benefits and disadvantages of each. There are many sections incorporated into this book that goes over the concern of financial aid and the loans that accumulate during medical school. It’s an exquisite read and can’t merely wait to take admission, and bunch of knowledgeable info included in this book. I recommend this book to anyone interested in medicine.

Med School Confidential pdf:

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