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The Second Brain PDF is a book written by Michael Gershon. The book was originally published in 1998. The name of this book is very intriguing as it refers to the possibility of a second brain in the human body. Published by Harper Perennial, this book is an interesting read on the second brain present in the body. The author has spent the most part of his life in understanding how the human bowel works and what takes place on the small intestine, colon, and esophagus. To get it, download The Second Brain Pdf for free.

The Second Brain Pdf Review:

Have you ever had any symptoms to which people often respond that it is all in your head? Well, Gershon has made these symptoms the focus of his book. The butterflies you feel in your stomach are real according to the content of this book because your second brain is making you feel this way. If both your brains are not cooperating, problems like irritable bowel syndrome can occur. This book focuses on everything from constipation to diarrhea and how the second brain plays a role in bringing about these problems. According to the New York Times, this book brings hopeful news to people who are suffering from functional bowel disease.

In the long tube of our intestine, there is a network of nerve cells that constitute the second brain of the human body. So, there are two brains in your body: one in your head and the other in your gut. Both of these brains need to cooperate with each other or there would be chaos in the body.

The Second Brain Pdf

The Second Brain Pdf Features:

  • This book covers one of the latest and most exciting findings of modern science: the presence of a second brain.
  • Understanding this second brain gives insight into the occurrence and cause of gastrointestinal problems and their relationship with the first brain.

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