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Histology: A Text and Atlas PDF is a book written by Michael Ross. It was originally published in the last month of 2002. Published by LWW, this latest edition came out in 2010. This revised sixth edition is ideal for med students. Along with students, professionals in the field of health and biological sciences can also benefit from this book. This book is a best-seller which speaks of its credibility. Along with text, the book also has an atlas containing detailed images of the cellular system in the body. The author has associated the text with illustrations. Also, there is an emphasis placed on the clinical aspects of histology.

Histology: A Text and Atlas Pdf Review:

Histology is the study of cells. This study is very important for med students and health professionals because all changes in the body take place at cellular levels but they have a major impact on the body. At the end of each chapter, there are fully detailed photographs that are labeled. These labels highlight the detail of the microanatomy of the human body so that readers can understand the histological implications to microscopic levels.

In the newest edition, the micrographs have been replaced and sharper images are present in their place. Also, the illustrations have been drawn with a new technique for clarity and accuracy. To make this book more user-friendly, there is an online atlas too. This atlas contains all pictures from the book so that students can learn on the go with their smartphones.

Histology: A Text and Atlas Pdf

Histology: A Text and Atlas Pdf Features:

  • This book is a complete histology guide, featuring both text and images. So, you can learn almost everything from one book.
  • The author has clearly depicted the relationship of histology with clinical manifestation of diseases and disorders which is a helpful feature for people in the health field.
  • The online interactive site makes studying and learning much easier.

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