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When we speak of diabetes, we mean that the diseases in which less insulin is produced or body is not responding to insulin. But in reality there are two types of diabetes, one is called diabetes mellitus which is exactly the same disorder that is generally referred to diabetes. And the other is called diabetes insipidus which is another disease of another hormone called anti diuretic hormone. In this disease the hormone is not produced in sufficient quantity and large amount of urine is formed.

As both of these disorders contain word diabetes which means excessive discharge of urine. Which is true in case of both the disorders. But as diabetes mellitus is very much common it is generally referred to as diabetes. Here in this post i would be giving some basic information about both types of diabetes and in the end a download link for one of the most detailed guide on diabetes pdf 2017. This guide would contain all the knowledge regarding diabetes mellitus. But if you want to know about diabetes insipidus pdf. Means if you are looking for a pdf guide on diabetes insipidus, don’t worry we have a separate download page for that as well and link would be added here too.

So, if you want to download diabetes mellitus pdf guide free you should click on the download button at the end. But if before that, you should read the brief intro about diabetes mellitus and diabetes insipidus here.

diabetes pdf

Types of Diabetes:

So as i have already explained above there are two types of diabetes. They are the following:

  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Diabetes Insipidus

1. Diabetes Mellitus:

The word diabetes mellitus means sweet urine. The name is given because it the one of the feature of this disease that the patient suffering from this disease passes large amount of sweet urine. Means that the urine contains sugar. Why the urine contains sugar?

It is because there is threshold for sugar re absorption in kidney and if large enough sugar is filtered via glomerular capillaries and it crosses the threshold the remaining extra amount is not reabsorbed and excreted in urine therefore it is called diabetes mellitus.

Actually the disease is due to insulin deficiency or resistance to insulin. Based on these two situations, there are two types of diabetes mellitus.

  • Type 1
  • Type 2

Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus:

This is due to decreased amount of insulin production by pancreas.

Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus:

This is due to resistance to insulin by other tissues.

There are other types of diabetes as well like gestational diabetes etc and i can write much in depth about the above two types as well but there is the pdf file for that and you should download it at the end using the download button.

Reading this overview about diabetes before reading the diabetes pdf would help you to understand that guide easily.

Diabetes Insipidus:

As i have mentioned above, this diabetes is due to the defect in production of hormone ADH (anti diuretic hormone) also called vasopressin or it could be due to decreased response of kidneys to this hormone just like diabetes mellitus.

I would not go into detail of this so i you want to learn about this too, you should download diabetes insipidus pdf from its page.

Download Diabetes pdf 2017 Free:

As mentioned above, this pdf file would contained detailed knowledge only about diabetes melliutus and for diabetes insipidus you would have to go to its download page.

So if you want to download diabetes mellitus pdf guide free click the green download button below:

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