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To teach Yoga properly to your students, it is very necessary for you to understand the anatomy of the body. One of the best books for reading all the basic and advanced concepts related to the anatomy is Yoga Anatomy written by Leslie Kaminoff. The book originally got published in 2007 and is definitely one of the best ones to read on the subject. To get the book for free, download the Yoga Anatomy Pdf right now from our website. We shall move ahead now and review the book.

Yoga Anatomy Pdf Review:

Studying the subject of anatomy in the medical college is completely different for what you need to study for the practice of Yoga. However, since the basics are the same, the author has done quite the amazing illustration of different yoga exercises with the help of colorful diagrams and explained the exercises from yoga can benefit your body. There are different exercises in yoga and then there are 6 six special ones which have been arranged into six sections and illustrated quite beautifully in the book.

The sections are divided into exercises while standing, sitting, kneeling, supine, arm support, and prone. Even if you are not a yoga teacher and want to improve your daily yoga, reading this book will definitely help you since all of these practices are explained in good detailed with insight on each and every poster.

yoga anatomy pdf


Yoga Anatomy Pdf Features:

We have enlisted some of the top features of the book:

  • A book with most updated knowledge of different yoga styles.
  • Helps you understand the anatomy of the yoga exercises.
  • One of the most recommended books for the teachers.
  • Even if you are getting the hard copy, it is an economical book.
  • The latest edition is even more updated and better.

Download Yoga Anatomy Pdf Free:

You can download yoga anatomy pdf latest version for free via the download button below.

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