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The Human Brain Book PDF was written by Rita Carter. The book was published in 2009 and is an illustrated guide that shows the readers what goes inside the most important organ of the human body: the brain. The latest edition of the book was published by DK in 2014. Rita Carter is an expert in the field of medicine and science who writer for medical publications. She has also received two awards for her services to medical journalism. This book of hers is focused solely on the structural and functional aspects of the human brain. To get the book, download The Human Brain Book Pdf for free.

The Human Brain Book Pdf Review:

Her book contains the latest research and findings from the field of neuroscience. She has incorporated brain imaging techniques UN her book for better understanding of the readers. Med students will find it helpful in learning about imaging techniques used for brain imaging. Also, there is detailed information about the development of infant brains and the latest findings related to it.

The newest edition also has information about telepathy so even the general readers who are curious about brain functioning can also enjoy this book. The book covers not only the anatomy of the human brain but also focuses on the function of this important organ and the possible disorders of the brain that have been discovered to date or are mostly preventable.

There is an atlas consisting of 22 pages in which there are MRI scans of the brain. The book is accompanied by a DVD which is quite interactive. If you wish to gain some insight into the human brain, this book is great for you no matter if you are affiliated with the field of medicine or not.

The Human Brain Book Pdf

The Human Brain Book Pdf Features:

  • The book contains detailed information about the human brain, its diseases, and its functioning.
  • Also, there are images of MRI scans for different disorders and conditions of the brain to familiarize the students with clinical aspects of the anatomical features.

Download The Human Brain Book Pdf Free:

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