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Most of the anatomy textbooks focus on the general structures. However, as far as a system such as fascial system is concerned, there are hardly few good books that deal with the system entirely. One of those few popular books dealing with this system is Anatomy Trains written by Thomas W. Myers and the first edition of it originally got published in 2001. To get this book for free, download Anatomy Trains Pdf right now from our website.

Anatomy Trains Pdf Review:

The Fascial system of the body is formed on all the muscles. There are spider web-like structures which are formed around each muscle and connect with them in a way that you are able to form different postures with them. When you study this topic in a general book, it gives you the overview whereas you need something better and elaborated. Many different therapists now use myofascial techniques to influence postural change and pain relief. This book demonstrates exactly how the muscles connect within the connect tissue to affect posture, compensatory strain, and pain patterns.

To become a better therapist in the future especially if you want to make a career in the physical examination, you will need to read this book properly. There are few other good books as well but we shall discuss those in another review. Most of the reviews my medical professors, experts, and students have been really positive about the Anatomy Trains.

anatomy trains pdf

Anatomy Trains Pdf Features:

Listed below are some of its top features:

  • The book mainly focuses on these tissue-like structures.
  • You will understand better how fascial system connects with the muscles.
  • A book for the better understanding of postures and their physics.
  • Not just the basic stuff but the complete background of the topic is given.
  • Definitions and diagrams are present for better understanding.

Download Anatomy Trains Pdf Free:

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